Aaron Kaufman Leaves Gas Monkey – Good News For F-100 Fans

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If you’ve ever watched Fast & Loud on the Discovery Channel, than you’re familiar with the craftsmanship of Aaron Kaufman. The only thing that limits the abilities of this man, is the time limit set in place by the host (and Gas Monkey Garage owner) Richard Rawlings.

If you’re a fan of the show, then it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Aaron quit. There have been moments in the show where you could see the tension building between Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings.

But sometimes, bad news is actually good news.

Aaron is getting ready to open his own business manufacturing parts for classic Ford F-100 trucks. If you’ve watched the show, you can tell he has a passion for the 1957-1978 Ford F-100’s. In fact, they’ve built a couple of them on the show.

Aaron plans to offer products with integration of wiring harnesses, hard parts, and electronic components, as well as develop some of his own products.

Aaron is also planning to offer a stand alone ECM and harness to put one of Ford’s 6.2L modular motors in a F-100. He’s even working on a twin turbo project right now.

Aaron reports that one of the first things he’ll be offering is an economy front and rear suspension to go on the existing F-100 frame. Then IFS conversions for the solid axle and I-beam trucks, as well as 4-linked rears.

He hopes to eventually offer a full bumper to bumper chassis that you can stick your own F-100 body on.

We’re excited to see what the future holds. Heck, we’d really like to see him with his own TV show….as long as the producers let him do the kind of builds that actually appeal to the viewers, and not just promote products for show sponsors.

Good luck Aaron!

Just like 2016 – out with the old, in with the new


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