Moddz 2000 Ford Excursion 4×4

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This amazing Ford Excursion started out as a build by Pirate4x4 member ‘Duty Calls’. Duty Calls had originally built a 2000 Ford F350, but it was underpowered with the 5.4L, and he needed more interior room. His solution was to purchase this 2000 police package Ford Excursion. It was a base model with rubber floors and cloth bench seats. The F350’s lift, front Dana 60 axle, bumpers, and the wheels and tires, were all swapped on to the Excursion. Duty Calls modified the rear fender flares to work on the Excursion as well. After finishing the Excursion, ‘Duty Calls’ sold the Excursion to ‘Moddz’.

Moddz to the Excursion a few steps further. He stripped it down and repainted it gray (it was originally white). The rubber floor was removed, and the floor was recoated with LineX spray in bedliner. He also modified the front axle with a Dynatrac high steer spindles, Dynatrac free spin kit, Dynatrac Pro Steer ball joints, Dynaloc hubs and Red Neck Ram hydro steering.

He purchased a used 3rd row seat and used the seats frame to build a custom spare tire carrier. A Cam Can fresh water can and tool tote took over the the stock spare tire location.

(LineX spray in liner)

(A Cam Can fresh water can and tool tote took over the the stock spare tire location)

(Custom spare tire mount built from 3rd row seat frame)

(Custom rear axle truss)

(Dynatrac front axle upgrade)


From Dynatrac: Often, Super Duty owners with lifted trucks and bigger tires suffer from rapid front wheel bearing failure. The OEM, non-serviceable “live” spindle (a.k.a. unit bearing) is extremely expensive to replace, and will not stand up to big tires. The Dynatrac Combo kit includes Dynatrac’s Pro 60™ knuckles and hubs in a fixed spindle design, which is specially set up for the loads created by big tires. Each wheel also receives a 35-spline outer axle shaft instead of the stock, 30-spline shaft and a Premium Warn manual locking hub to replace the factory units.

Customers will benefit from improved handling and increased ground clearance with a unique Crossover Steering Package that locates the steering linkage up and away from rocks and ground obstacles while improving linkage geometry. Dynatrac’s Crossover steering also minimizes bump steer, common in lifted suspensions. The package even includes an impressive, fabricated, dual-opposed steering stabilizer that is located above the beefy 1.5” diameter tie-rod assembly.

Each Dynatrac Combo Kit also includes a much longer, fully adjustable, and massive track bar compared to the tiny stock track bar. The reduced operating angles of the Dynatrac track bar eliminate binding in the leaf spring bushings and free up suspension movement that gives double the wheel travel of lifted suspensions without the Dynatrac kit.

Dynatrac Super Duty Combo Kits are immediately available and are compatible with all Ford Super Duty 4×4 trucks and Excursions fitted with popular suspension kits ranging between 6-12” of lift. The Dynatrac Super Duty Combo kit will also work on 99 to ‘04 Ford vehicles equipped with either the Dana 50 or Dana 60 front axle. This is a 100% bolt-on kit with no welding or drilling required. See our Free-Spin™ kits for trucks sporting stock suspensions and other ranges of lift.



2000 Ford police package Excursion

6.8L V10

8 inch icon lift.

Dana 60 F/axle with 5:38 gear, e-locker, Dynatrac high steer spindles, Dynatrac free spin kit, Dynatrac Pro Steer ball joints, Dynaloc hubs and Red Neck Ram hydro steering.

Sterling 10.5″ rear axle with 5:38 gear, Detroit Locker, custom full truss and custom anti-wrap bar.

44×19.5×16 TSL Boggers on Mickey Thompson 16×12 rims.

Alien Patrol front winch bumper with 12000lb Mile Maker winch, 4″ PIAA lamps and two 6T clevis.

Custom steel rear bumper with two 6T clevis.

Custom rock sliders.

Complete floor and rockers received Linex coating.

Bushwacker cut out fender flares.

Custom F/R driveshafts.

Other parts used include Currie ent. Johnny joint, Optima battries, Cobra CB, Energy Suspension, Lube Locker, Royal Purple



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