Ford Power Stroke 6.4L Power Combinations

With 6.4 liters of displacement, common-rail injection, twin turbos, and 350 hp from the factory, plenty of potential exists in the 6.4L Power Stroke.

Below are various “recipes” of parts that are needed to reach certain power levels along with any companion parts that you’ll need to ensure the overall drivability and integrity of your truck. For example, you could grab the highest setting on your programmer to make 500HP on a dyno run but for longevity sake, you would be better off with a cold air intake, exhaust, and a lower setting on the tuner.

Bear in mind that even though Ford says your truck is 350HP, they are quoting flywheel horsepower, not rear wheel horsepower. On a dyno, the actual rear wheel horsepower for these trucks is about 310HP. Please don’t get sucked into the trap of adding all of the manufacturer stated horsepower gains for the individual products together to estimate your horsepower. This will only lead to disappointment! There is typically a substantial amount of overlap when combining products, but this is a necessary evil.

This list is split in (2) sections: Combinations, and Recommendations. The manufacturer names are linked to the manufacturers website in the Combinations section, and the products recommended under Recommendations actually link to the products. (If any links appear blue, they’re probably an ad and not a product link…)


385-410 Horsepower $1,500 Budget

400-430 Horsepower (Off-Road Only)

430 to 450 horsepower (Off-Road Only)

450 to 500 horsepower (Off-Road Only)

450 – 525 Horsepower (Off-Road Only) $1,500 Budget

500-585 Horsepower Horsepower (Off-Road Only) $2,500 Budget

500-600 Horsepower Horsepower (Off-Road Only) $5,000 Budget

500-600 Horsepower (Off-Road Only) $10,000 Budget


400 Horsepower

500 Horsepower

600 Horsepower

700 Horsepower – OFF-ROAD USE ONLY