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Aaron Kaufman Leaves Gas Monkey – Good News For F-100 Fans
Aaron Kaufman to build F-100 products

Aaron Kaufman Leaves Gas Monkey – Good News For F-100 Fans

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If you’ve ever watched Fast & Loud on the Discovery Channel, than you’re familiar with the craftsmanship of Aaron Kaufman. The only thing that limits the abilities of this man, is the time limit set in place by the host (and Gas Monkey Garage owner) Richard Rawlings. If you’re a fan of the show, then […]


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2012 Cleveland Autorama & Sinister F-100
Sinister 1967 Ford F-100

2012 Cleveland Autorama & Sinister F-100

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Cleveland Autorama 2012 & Sinister 1967 Ford F-100 This spring I had the opportunity to go to the Cleveland Autorama at the IX Center. There were some really nice custom vehicles there, but this 1967 Ford F-100 really stood out. The truck is owned and built by Wild Wes Adkins of Dover Ohio. Features: Paint: The […]


1974 Ford Bronco Sleeper views: 142

This 1974 Bronco looks like a nice clean original survivor. Originally, it could’ve had a 120 hp 200 cid straight-6, or a 205 hp 302 cid V8. But looks can be deceiving, and looking at this Bronco, you probably wouldn’t expect it to have a 435 hp 5.0L V8. That’s right, this Bronco has more […]

A 1990’s Class 8 Legend Brought Back To Life views: 180

This Ford F-150 Class 8 race truck was originally raced by Frank “Scoop” Vessels and Robby Gordon in the 1990’s. Mike Coleman is a desert racer, SCORE fan, and the current owner of this truck. When Coleman was younger, he remembered watching a young Robby Gordon fly across the Baja terrain in the truck, which […]

Fordguy77’s F-150 4×4 Beast views: 166

I kept spotting photos of this truck online that always seemed to take me to a Pinterest post with no information. Intrigued, I set out to find more photos and information on it. I eventually came up with a name, and that lead me to a facebook page. The 1977 Ford F-150 you see here […]

2014 Ford F-350 Super Duty King Ranch “Above The Law” views: 317

The truck you see here was built by Josh Ellison, President of Royalty Core Truck Grilles and Accessories. When he’s not busy running Royalty Core, he’s having fun with his ATVs and motorcycles, and wanted to build the ultimate play vehicle for all his weekend excursions. Josh has built countless custom trucks, and built his […]